“I think one of the neighbors had beef with my mother. Because one day when my mom went to the store, and left us alone for just a few minutes, child services came and took us away. My sister and I got split up. I got sent to a group home. It was like a prison— everybody there was looking out for themselves. I’d call my mother and cry on the phone but she’d just say she was sorry, and there was nothing she could do, and she was trying. After a few months, my sister and I got moved into a foster home. Our foster mother was this old lady named Ms. Elizabeth. She let our mother come visit us even though she wasn’t supposed to. And she took us to church and prayed with us, and every Sunday she’d cook us a huge dinner and completely deck out the table like it was Thanksgiving. It was like some movie shit. We’d never had anything like that before. Even when we moved back with our mother, we would alway visit Ms. Elizabeth up until the time she passed away.”


 Surrealistic illustations  by Daehyun Kim

Daehyun Kim aka Moonassi
His surreal figures and minimalist lines portray a unique interpretation of relationships and interactions between two subjects and the universe at large.

Kill me now, man. What the hell.


so I was watching dexter and deb was showing dexter a suspect list and





this guy is systematically undoing the world